Well here goes…

With a lot of encouragement from a close blogger friend (whose blog I love and is really worth following…thanks Tash!), I have decided to dive head first into the vast, deep ocean that is blogging.  I never thought blogging was “for me” but as I have aged (I turned 40 last year…eek!) and matured, the pieces to the puzzle of my life have all started to come together.  Blogging about what is important to me feels right…not because I have an over-inflated ego that thinks everyone wants to know, but from a real place of humility within my heart…that some of what I have to share might in some way or another have an impact, no matter how small.  So, wish me luck and join me for the ride.  It’s gonna be a whole lot of fun!  🙂


Tash from Little Bit of Thyme and I (2016)

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