Creamy Leek and Fauxtato Soup

I love to convert traditional recipes over to healthier versions (and if possible to Thermomix which makes life easier), and in particular GAPS-friendly versions that suit our family’s needs.  I was home from church today with a sick 10yo so decided to do some cooking, ya know, for fun…not because I had to (a very rare moment for me!)

Growing up, my dad used to make a delicious leek and potato soup.  It was creamy, it was chunky and it was satisfaction with every bite.  But, we don’t eat potato on GAPS (too high in starch, plus I’m sure dad’s version would have had flour in it too) so I thought I’d try a ‘fauxtato’ (aka cauliflower)  and flour-free version.  I’ve gotta admit, I was trying to take the pic of the finished product real quick ’cause I was dying to try it…it smelled so good (unlike cauliflower cooking can smell sometimes! 😉 ) and I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I gave myself a mighty pat on the back…it was absolutely delicious.  And, when the rest of the family came home from church, they all had a bowlful too and gave it the big thumbs up.  Enjoy!  🙂


1 clove garlic
250g leek, washed thoroughly, halved lengthways and sliced
200g bacon, diced
50g butter or ghee (or coconut oil/olive oil for Paleo)
500-600g cauliflower, cut up in small pieces (2cm), like you would a potato
500g chicken broth
1 tsp sea salt

To serve:
Homemade sour cream or olive oil, chives and/or parsley


  1. Place garlic into TM bowl and chop 2 sec/speed 7.
  2. Add leek, bacon and butter and sauté 5 min/Varoma/speed soft (spoon symbol).
  3. Add cauliflower, broth and salt and cook 20 min/1ooºC/Reverse/speed soft.
  4. Serve the soup as is if you like a ‘brothy’ type soup.
    If you like a creamy soup (as pictured), remove most of the soup from the TM bowl (leave up to the 500ml mark on the inside of the bowl).  Blend 30 sec/speed 7 (gradually increasing speed over the first 10 sec to avoid spattering), return the remaining soup to the TM bowl and mix 10-20 secs/Reverse/speed 2, or by hand with the spatula.
    If you like a completely smooth and pureed soup, blend the entire contents of the bowl 1 min/speed 8 (gradually increasing speed over the first 10 sec to avoid spattering).
  5. Serve the soup topped with a big blob of sour cream or a swirl of olive oil and a sprinkling of chopped fresh chives and/or parsley.


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